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A revolutionary recipe for long-term weight loss

Successful weight loss is not about losing weight. It’s about developing a healthy relationship with food.

It’s not about ketosis, calculating calories, or counting points. It’s about honesty, consistency and accountability.

It’s not about willpower. It’s about a willingness to learn new behaviors, embrace change and be teachable at whatever age and stage of life you’re in.

It’s not about sacrifice or starvation. It’s about prioritizing your needs and creating an environment that supports your new way of life.

It’s not about being strong or strict. It’s about being comfortable and committed to eat appropriately when others aren’t, or refrain while others indulge.

It’s not about information, inspiration or motivation. It’s about transformation.

It’s not about the newest fad, biggest loser, or swiftest shortcut. It’s about turning the burden to say “no” into the freedom to say “no”.

Successful weight loss is not defined by dropping as many pounds as quickly as possible. Successful weight loss is implementing the necessary tools, establishing proper boundaries and adopting the appropriate attitude toward food that allows you to grow down to your ideal weight and sustain a healthy body size for the rest of your life.

No more roller coasters, free falls and rolling hills of weight loss and weight gain.

Enough is finally enough.

If you really want to once-and-for-all meet your goals and maintain a healthy body size, then you must stop focusing on changing your weight and start focusing on changing yourself.

That’s where Soveya comes in.

We offer comprehensive weight-loss coaching, addressing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of healthy eating. We provide accountability, advocacy and direction to help you change your behavior, habits and attitude – as well as a personalized food plan with clear goals and guidelines.

Weekdays and Shabbos. Eating out, or eating in. Simchas and Yom Tov. Emotional eating, comfort foods, or just mindless noshing. We’ll help you master the methods to tackle all situations.

We’ll help you master the methods to tackle all situations.

You’ll learn:

• To understand and respect your body’s needs instead of continually feeding your desires and impulsive cravings
• To properly nourish yourself by eating robust amounts of high quality foods at the right times of the day
• That satisfaction is a learned skill, not necessarily a spontaneous feeling occurring at the end of a large meal
• To embrace guidelines and boundaries instead of feeling restricted and deprived
• How to make your self-care thru proper nutrition as the top priority in your already busy and hectic schedule

Our program is not for someone looking for a 20-pounds-in-10-days quick fix. It’s for a person who understands they need to make significant and lasting changes in their relationship with food – and is willing to prioritize that in their daily lifestyle.

Just remember that nothing changes if nothing changes – so if you want to end your desperation and begin your transformation, then give us a call today.

Rabbi Eli Glaser is dual-certified as a Nutrition/Wellness Consultant and Weight Management Specialist. He has 25 years of coaching and counseling experience and is maintaining a 130-pound weight loss for 15 years.

Soveya has offices in Lakewood and Brooklyn, and works with clients via phone and Skype around the world. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Soveya at 732- 578-8800,, or

This piece originally appeared in The Voice of Lakewood.

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