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Covid-19 has killed more than 90,000 Americans in just these past few months. That’s a tragedy of epic proportion. Without exaggeration.

But the mitigation factors to help arrest the virus have decimated our economy, severely impacting the financial stability of tens of millions of Americans unlike any other time since the great depression. The toll the shutdown is taking on our national health, both physical and emotional, is also catastrophic.

So, to answer the question, which is worse, I’m going to cope out and take a pass. I’ll leave that to the doctors, social scientists and politicians.

But what I will weigh in on very passionately is providing a solution that will positively impact both.

Charity Weight-Loss Challenge with a Fascinating Twist

Welcome to Lose for Hope, where you can simultaneously improve your physical health and the financial health of someone else. H.O.P.E. (Helping Out People Every Day) is a national non-profit organization providing urgently needed short-term financial assistance for families facing an un-expected emergency. Giving aid to families in a financial crisis is always a special act of kindness but doing so in these turbulent times is particularly relevant. And if you can help yourself at the same time, then it’s truly the perfect recipe for the perfect storm.

And I have decided to partner with Lose for Hope to launch this first-of-its kind weight loss campaign. What’s so different about it, you may ask? Instead of the usual charity dieting competition where participants are challenged to aggressively lose as much weight as possible to win the singular grand prize, the Lose for Hope initiative allows each person to establish a healthy and responsible personalized weight-loss goal within the 10-week framework of the campaign.

Every participant will receive a free, individual nutrition consultation with Soveya to determine their ideal goal along with a customized food plan and valuable support material including e-versions of my new book, Enough is Enough as well as our highly popular cookbook, No Sugar, No Flour, No Fuss.

Many Winners and “Losers”

Everyone who meets their individual weight-loss goal at the end of the 10 weeks will be entered into a raffle giveaway that will distribute the prize money amongst multiple, randomly-selected contestants. There will also be several personal trainers available to support the participants in helping them maximize their success. This program is for men and women and can be done from the safety of their home while still phasing out of this onerous lockdown we’ve been in for the past few months.

So, we understand the critically urgent need to help out families who have been financially crushed by the Coronavirus, but why is it so crucial for our own personal health? Because as all the most recent medical data has told us, the no. 1 co-morbidity that is causing serious and deadly outcomes among non-elderly covid patients is obesity and the prevailing consequences of heart disease and diabetes.

These statistics reinforce a sobering reality that we have known for some time but is now acutely relevant – the prevalence of weight gain and obesity amongst Americans is a national medical emergency, killing hundreds of thousands of people in the country each year. And it is the primary match that is sparking the wildfire of covid deaths.

Reverse Diabetes and Heal Heart Disease

Therefore, prioritizing our personal health, and immediately engaging in a healthy and responsible weight-loss program is of paramount importance for so many of us. Because the coronavirus is not gone. And G-d forbid, if there are instantaneous flair ups resulting from the re-opening of society, or the much anticipated second wave in the fall, those people in the high-risk category can – and must – lessen their chance of serious outcomes if they contract the virus. You can buy the cheapest phentermine from our partners.

Whether or not they come up with an effective antidote or vaccine, this is the one thing you can do for yourself that you know will make a huge difference – in your life and in the lives of others.

This is why I believe Lose for Hope is an incredibly important cause at an incredibly important time. If you want to join, call them today at: 908-783-9426; email:; or click here to register.

You’ll be glad you did!






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