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We see the poignant pictures of a red line circling the globe with the words, closed for repair. And some people follow that with the great question, what are you doing to fix it?

So, I think the first place to look is in our own backyard – and this is the perfect time. Why do stores periodically close their doors in order to take inventory? They’re losing all that business. The answer is that while I’m actively involved in a pursuit, I’m not able to see if that action is pursing my true goals – is it getting me to the place where I want to go. I have to cease and desist – to step aside and analyze. Take inventory.

Distance Creates Perspective

That’s one of the great aspects of Shabbos – of the Sabbath – it gives us the opportunity to divorce ourselves from our daily endeavors to determine if they are in concert or in conflict with our true priorities. Well, the world is being forced into a sabbatical right now – it’s closed for inventory. It’s brutal, heart wrenching and devastating in so many ways. But it’s also an incredible opportunity – for each and every one of us to take stock of our lives, to focus just on our own backyards and clear out any weeds that might have cropped up. To perhaps realign our luxuries and necessities – to re-prioritize our priorities – so when we reopen for business, we’ll be more successful than ever. Because the main thing is to always to keep the main thing the main thing. Try digesting that with your matza. L’chaim – to life!

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