Soveya Coaching

When we work together, you can overcome your weight-loss challenges!


The Soveya One-To-One

75-Minute In-Depth Nutrition Consult

Be educated, engaged and inspired to begin making lifestyle changes in your eating habits with a one-time personal appointment with Eli, who has 15 years of experience working with thousands of people around the world. He’ll get to know your unique challenges and will customize a food plan tailored specifically for you.


Soveya Coaching Programs

Your Foundation For Life-Long Change

Weight-loss coaching with Eli is an essential element for not only implementing the Soveya Solution but for taking the necessary steps to build a foundation upon which the changes can endure. Eli will support, encourage and direct you through this transformative process, making you feel comfortable, confident and committed to implement changes you may never have thought possible.


Soveya Executive Package

Three-Month Intensive

In addition to the benefits, impact and innovation of the Soveya coaching program, the Soveya Executive package is for someone who values an elite and exclusive experience and accessibility. This premium platform is perfect for the multi-tasker who requires regular reminders and reinforcements to help them prioritize and meet their daily personal needs while managing a demanding and stressful schedule.

Additional Coaching Opportunities

Continue working with Eli after your initial coaching package, or jump right into weight-loss coaching with Eli without the nutritional consultation.