Executive Coaching

The Soveya Solution Executive Coaching Program is perfect for someone who values an elite and exclusive experience and accessibility.

Private weight-loss coaching with Eli provides you with an unmatched opportunity to customize the Soveya program to meet your unique challenges and goals which can maximize your ability to achieve long-term success.

Coaching is about advocacy, accountability and action. Through his own compelling story of struggle and success, Eli will hold you accountable to your plan of action in a disarming and non-judgmental manner, making you feel comfortable and committed at the same time. His unique communicative and intuitive skill set is captivating, penetrating and transformative. He’ll quickly drill down to the core issues that have been holding you back for so long, and by utilizing Soveya’s Seven Keys for life-long change, will give you specific strategies to help overcome those obstacles.


Eli will support, encourage and direct you through the process of readjusting your daily priorities so that your self-care through proper nutrition becomes the most important appointment on your schedule. He’ll analyze and identify your personal triggers and cravings and give you practical tools to begin responding to them without overeating. He’ll work together with you for the duration of your program to help troubleshoot those problem areas that may continue to arise. Eli will craft clear-cut guidelines to help you stick to your plan when outside of your controlled food environment, such as when traveling, at a wedding or on vacation.

From day one, the emphasis will be on developing and strengthening the pillars to support a life-long healthy relationship with food – that by embracing the freedom to change your head, heart and hands, you’ll acquire the ability to maintain a healthy body size for the rest of your life. You’ll finally end your desperation and being your transformation.


Contact Eli Today

The Executive Coaching Program requires a minimum three-month commitment and is limited to select, qualified clients. All sessions are one-on-one and completely confidential. For more information, contact Eli directly at (732) 578-8800.