Soveya Success Stories

  • The fact that I’m eating honestly makes me feel good about myself now. I feel happy and calm.

    RT, Lakewood, N.J.
  • I would like to express my profound gratitude to you. So much goodness has resulted in my life, and my husband's, because of Soveya. Calm and confidence are now in my being and these go deeper than ever before. My thoughts are not wrapped up in food. How can I ever thank you enough for this? I thank you for the freedom I feel. In the past, holidays were an excuse to eat until I was stuffed. I really hated myself afterwards. But I couldn't stop the cycle. How grateful I am to Soveya for stopping the cycle.

    Paula - Ohio
  • At age 29, I weighed 350 pounds. My eating was out of control. My clothes did not fit and I was out of breath after walking up just 5 stairs. I had tried many diets in the past – none had any permanent results. In fact, the weight came back faster than I was able to lose it. I did not want to talk to anyone about my weight problem. On the outside, I was a successful teacher, with a great wife and family. On the inside, I was ashamed and lonely. Then I met Eli. He was the first person that I had spoken to who actually understood what I was going through, because he went thru it himself. He understood my problem. He told me he lost a lot of weight and was keeping it off. I thought he was lying, but then he went on to explain that the solution is more than changing what and how you eat. I was not quite sure what he meant, but I listened to him and followed what he told me to do because I was desperate for help. The result: I lost 150 pounds and have kept it off for 10 years now. Eli is easy to talk to, has great suggestions and is a soothing, comforting voice that has helped me achieve this goal. Not only have I had physical results, but I also have seen improvement in my relationship with my wife, children and colleagues at work. I attribute all this to the advice and suggestions that Eli has given me. Eli understands the pain of someone who can’t stop eating. The solution he offers works. I am living proof. If I can do it, anyone can.

    Baruch - New Jersey
    Baruch - New Jersey
  • It has been a year and a half since I started working with Soveya and you have completely changed my life. I lost about 25 pounds over the first few months and was able to maintain it. Six weeks ago I had a baby. I only gained 18 pounds during the pregnancy and lost it within a few weeks of my baby's birth. She is now six weeks old and I am profoundly grateful for all the work you do since I was able to wear all my regular clothing almost right away. Whenever people comment I always tell them about you.

    Deborah - New York
  • Monday is six years I have been on this program and maintaining a 70-pound weight loss. Thank you for your time, effort, vision and passion for helping people like me. I am grateful for your time, kindness and being there.

    Rachel - Texas
  • Thank you for all you have done in helping me this year.  I realize it comes from inside me, but I could not have found what I needed to without your guidance.  I am finishing the year over 30 pounds lighter and feeling like a completely different and healthy person.  My food choices have changed dramatically as has the way I see food and eating. I have made so much more progress than I ever thought I could.

    Moshe - Maryland
  • I weighed in at 120 this morning. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me the past 20 weeks I've worked with you. You have helped me overcome so many obstacles that I wouldn't have been able to overcome myself. It was a pleasure working with you and I'm so happy that I did. 

    Deborah - Pennsylvania
  • I’d like to share with you an anecdote that occurred on the way home from an overseas trip.  It was a night flight, thus I had already eaten my third meal of the day. The flight was supposed to leave at 9pm.  We boarded on time, but then were made to wait half an hour just to get on the plane, and then had another delay of an hour or so until take off.  Later, I just couldn’t fall asleep for a couple of hours. I felt so bored and restless.  At first, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself – I have seven hours of sitting on this flight, and I can’t even eat anything, and nothing else with which to distract myself.  Then I remembered - six years previously while coming home on a similar night flight and bingeing non-stop.  I ate whatever was in sight; packets, buns, sweets, airline food.  I remember it so clearly, the way I was stuffing my mouth non-stop.  Needless-to-say, the aftereffects were horrible. And remembering that, I resolved to be grateful.  Grateful for the fact that I could actually sit for seven solid hours, with no distractions, and not even think about bingeing.  Grateful that the following morning – I would wake up and eat a regular breakfast, without feeling drugged up and ill from overeating. 

    Rachel - England
  • I continue to be very grateful to you, as I truly feel your support and your teachings helped me create a much much healthier relationship not only with food but with life itself. I also started running again, training for a half marathon at the end of March.  In general, my heart feels very happy. I find myself smiling during the day for no reason or all reasons. I really can't express enough thanks to you.

    Karen - Pennsylvania
  • I’ve been to so many nutritionists and I’ve never had a plan like this. It’s so simple, clear and satisfying. I feel incredible and full of energy.

    Shoshana - New York