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Pasta Is Not a Panacea for a Pandemic.

Using food for emotional comfort is a challenge for millions of Americans throughout the year, and certainly now with all the fear and uncertainty generated by the coronavirus. Multiply that exponentially if you’re stuck in quarantine. The profound impact on your every-day lifestyle and economic livelihood – not to mention the stock market free fall –fuel the feeding frenzy of comfort eating with which so many of us struggle on the best of days.

And practically speaking, what healthy food should you buy that will stay fresh? What’s the ideal diet to optimize your immune system? How do you feed yourself and your family if you can’t shop for an extended period of time? How do you avoid the challenges of isolation eating and emotional binging while being homebound for two weeks or more?

These are some of the really important and timely issues I’ll address in a brand-new, FREE, online webinar called, The Ideal Coronavirus Diet: Eating to Optimize Your Immune System without Self-Medicating on Mac & Cheese.

Plan Before You Shop

Having a food plan before you walk into a supermarket is always a good idea but, during a pandemic, it’s especially important so that you make informed, healthful decisions instead of impulse buys. And when you get home, put your food plan into action right away. Don’t let stress start seeding spontaneous overeating.

There is a lot of noise and knee-jerk reaction now on broadcast and social media from pundits advising consumers to stock up on quick-to-make processed goods and shelf-stable comfort foods. The boxes of mac and cheese are flying off the shelves. And I can’t disagree more strongly. This will just exacerbate existing health issues with which so many people are currently struggling – as we know that more than 70% of Americans are now either overweight or obese. In fact, diabetes and heart disease – two of the top causes of a compromised immune system which greatly increase the mortality risk from the coronavirus – result directly from unhealthy eating habits.  I think that’s a really irresponsible and poorly thought-out approach.

It’s just as easy to stockpile healthy foods as it is to purchase processed foods. The frozen-food aisle is your friend in this situation – just remember to bring along a sweater. Flash-frozen bags of vegetables, cut-up fruit and healthy proteins like individually packaged salmon fillets are great choices that you don’t have to worry about spoiling. Shelf-stable grains such as whole-grain rice are easy to cook, and help round out a robust and delicious meal.

If you have the right attitude and plan from the start, you’ll be much less likely to succumb to sugary cereals or binge on bags of potato chips. You’ll learn to nourish your body instead of feeding your fears – and will play a vital role in this crisis by providing a healthy and robust food environment for you and your family.  If you think you’d benefit from this free seminar, just click on the link below. You’ve got nothing to lose – except maybe a few pounds.

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