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In a recent article, “American Nutrition Association Proposes Definition for Personalized Nutrition,” the staff of Whole Foods Magazine explains that the American Nutrition Association (ANA) sees personalized nutrition as the “core to human health and as key to turning the tide on the chronic disease epidemic.”

The ANA defines personalized nutrition as, “A field that leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that prevent, manage, and treat disease and optimize health, and be delineated by three synergistic elements: personalized nutrition science and data, personalized nutrition professional education and training, and personalized nutrition guidance and therapeutics.”

A Customized Food Plan for Personalized Nutrition

I congratulate the ANA on focusing its efforts to keep people healthy and believe they’re absolutely on the right track. For years, I have been saying that sustaining weight loss isn’t about losing weight. Instead, it is about changing our relationship with food. That is a journey every individual has to undertake. It is a solo experience but, fortunately, we do not have to travel that road on our own.

In my experience, the most impactful and effective expression of personal nutrition is a customized food plan. This maps out the most appropriate categories of foods a person should consume every day. It specifies how many meals a person needs, how much food each meal should consist of, and even the times of day when the meals should be consumed.

In other words, a personalized food plan is the personal eating GPS that personal nutrition requires. A customized food plan takes into account the theory of personal nutrition and puts it into daily practice.

Soveya Solution Customized Meal Plan

Soveya has a proprietary program that generates a uniquely customized and detailed plan – the first of its kind in the weight-loss and nutrition industry. As a nutritionist, I have offered the Soveya Solution Customized Meal Plan for 15 years. The customized meal plan’s purpose is to help every individual create a healthy relationship with food that will create an opportunity for sustained weight loss.

Its goal is the same as the one the ANA puts forth: to prevent disease, optimize health, and turn the tide on the chronic disease epidemics that poor nutrition can cause.

It is gratifying to see that ANA is bringing national attention to the importance of personalized nutrition. I share its vision and support its message that every individual deserves a customized plan for staying fit and healthy.



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