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How many people end up pigging out at a pigskin party? Way too many!

You Can Survive Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is the culmination of  “National Eating Season.” From Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl is the most food-centric season in the country – and a time when millions of American’s struggle with overeating and the subsequent frustration of another failed New Year’s Resolution.

But with the 3P formula, you can now enjoy the multi-hour Super Bowl Sunday festivities and walk away with an eating win – even if your favorite team didn’t.

Planning, Precision, Patience

Make a clear and concise plan of what you’re going to eat for the day, whether at home or at a party. The plan should include which food groups you want and which ones to avoid. Having a plan helps to circumvent spontaneous consumption and impulsive eating which are the primary pitfalls on this day.

Then be precise with that plan. Don’t take the keto approach and pound unlimited protein. Stick to robust but reasonable portions, and make sure to include multiple healthy food groups.

And, finally, be patient. Respect the process of digestion and metabolism. Wait five minutes for the sensation of satiation to start kicking in. Don’t speed eat until your stomach is stuffed. The cravings will decrease as the satisfaction settles in. Be patient with the process.

Surviving Super Bowl Sunday is a step in the right direction. Focus on the 3P formula, and keep your eye on the goal.


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