The Soveya Solution

Successful weight loss is not about losing weight. It’s about developing a healthy relationship with food.

It’s not about ketosis, calculating calories, or counting points. It’s about honesty, consistency and accountability.

It’s not about willpower. It’s about a willingness to learn new behaviors, embrace change and be teachable at whatever age and stage of life you’re in.

It’s not about sacrifice or starvation. It’s about prioritizing your needs and creating an environment that supports your new way of life.

It’s not about being strong or strict. It’s about being comfortable and committed to eat appropriately when others aren’t, or refrain while others indulge.

It’s not just about information, inspiration or motivation. It’s about TRANSFORMATION.


It’s not about the newest fad, biggest loser, or swiftest shortcut. It’s about turning the burden to say “no” into the freedom to say “no”.


If you really want to once-and-for-all meet your goals and maintain a healthy body size, then you must stop focusing on changing your weight and start focusing on changing yourself.

That’s where the Soveya Solution comes in.

It’s a clear, concise and comprehensive system that helps you confront that “four-letter word” that intimidates us all:



No more roller coasters, free falls and rolling hills of weight loss and weight gain. Enough is finally enough.


Are you ready to go “all in” and start changing your relationship with food?


The Soveya system for success: One Foundation, Three Pillars, Seven Keys


It starts with the foundation: a desire and willingness to work to develop and sustain a healthy relationship with food.

A healthy relationship with food is built on three pillars: Your Head, your Heart, and your Hands. Those are the three target areas of change. Without addressing all three, it’s just a recipe for relapse and formula for failure.

Your head is your attitude and understanding – having an intellectual clarity – as to the purpose of eating and function that food is meant to fulfill.

Your heart is having a healthy and mature emotional association with food. To break free from the overwhelming feeling of dependency on the immediate gratification, comfort, escape, or indulgence eating plays in your life.

Your hands are your actions – what foods you should eat, how much and when. A well-defined food plan with clear goals, guidelines and boundaries that is customized exclusively for you – and that can adapt to your changing schedule, situation and station in Iife.


Take the Next Step Towards the Freedom to Change


Sounds simple and straightforward, right? No so fast. Why? Because so many of us have one or more blocks that are preventing us from making these necessary changes. That’s where the seven Soveya keys come in: to help you unlock your blocks and to pinpoint your personal impediments, to push yourself past your comfort zone and finally embrace the freedom to change.

Changing your eating habits and relationship with food is challenging – t’s not a piece of cake to not take that piece of cake. It’s much easier and more comfortable to act on instinct and feed your immediate gratifications.

Adhering to boundaries – holding yourself back, or pushing yourself forward – requires intellectual, emotional, and physical effort that your body usually doesn’t want to exert. Change is difficult. Inertia is inviting.

But you have a choice: you can either endure the perceived discomfort of discipline, or continue on with the comfort of complacency. You can choose to break out of your own personal comfort zone to meet and maintain your genuine goals, or to continue feeding on the bitter dessert of regret and remorse.

Thousands of people on five continents around the world have lost thousands of pounds with the Soveya Solution. They summoned enough courage and took that first step to end their desperation and begin their transformation. They were willing to break through the burden of change, and embrace the freedom to change. Are you next?

Start your transformation today -- I guarantee you won’t regret it!