honest eating

The fact that I’m eating honestly makes me feel good about myself now. I feel happy and calm.” 

RT, Lakewood, N.J.


I would like to express my profound gratitude to you. So much goodness has resulted in my life, and my husband's, because of Soveya. Calm and confidence are now in my being and these go deeper than ever before. My thoughts are not wrapped up in food. How can I ever thank you enough for this? I thank you for the freedom I feel. In the past, holidays were an excuse to eat until I was stuffed. I really hated myself afterwards. But I couldn't stop the cycle. How grateful I am to Soveya for stopping the cycle.  PW, Cincinnati, OH

cancer survivor

When they found a carcinoid tumor on my appendix it motivated me to do something significant about my health. I wanted to put healthier food in my body. I turned to Soveya at the recommendation of a friend. I trusted Rabbi Glaser because he has sustained a 100+ lb. weight loss for years, was a certified nutrition consultant, and came from a uniquely Jewish perspective. I knew losing weight wasn't just a matter of learning which foods were the right ones to eat, I needed something deeper. I wanted real, sustained change. I needed a coach, like anyone who wants to achieve any results that are currently beyond his or her grasp.  Through continued coaching with Rabbi Glaser, I lost  25+ lbs and inspired my husband Ken to join me. He's lost 20+ lbs and we've been sustaining it for almost a year now. What matters most to me and to Ken about his weight loss is that I know it is likely extending his time with me and our kids. His overweight father died of a heart attack at 58. Ken didn't get to have his father at our wedding. After coaching with Rabbi Glaser, both Ken and I are living and eating differently. We are doing what we can to take responsibility for our health and our future, and trusting G-d with the rest.
EP, Washington DC

feeling great

I have lost 50 lbs, but most importantly, feel so incredibly healthy and happy.   It’s such a good feeling for the first time in my life.  All I can say is WOW!!!! Thanks for everything.

CF, Ohio


kids-eye view

My suit jacket isn't tight anymore and it's easier now for me not to take double portions. My parents bought me a set of books because I'm doing so well. M.S., 10-year old by from the Midwest