Soveya One-to-One with Eli

Start your lifestyle and life-time changes with a 75-minute in-depth nutrition and wellness consultation.

The Soveya One-to-One Consultation

Be educated, engaged and inspired to begin making lifestyle changes in your eating habits with a one-time personal appointment with Eli, who has 15-years of experience working with thousands of people around the world. He’ll get to know your unique challenges and will customize a food plan tailored for your schedule and station in life. It will have clear goals, guidelines and directions and will leave you feeling physically satiated and emotionally satisfied that you have a wholesome and healthy strategy for success.

You’ll walk away being able to distinguish between hunger and appetite – between what you’re craving for at the moment vs. what your body really needs. You’ll learn how to properly nourish yourself by eating robust amounts of high quality foods at the right times of the day. You’ll discover that satisfaction is a learned skill, not necessarily a spontaneous feeling occurring at the end of a large meal.

You’ll be encouraged to embrace guidelines and boundaries instead of feeling restricted and deprived. You’ll be introduced to Soveya’s seven keys to unlock your blocks and how to overcome your fears, failures and frustrations in making lasting changes. And finally, you’ll be emboldened to make your self-care thru proper nutrition as the top priority in your already busy and hectic schedule.

COST $249


  • One, 75-minute In-Depth Nutrition Consult with Eli
  • Intake history and analysis of current challenges (what’s got you to this point and what’s holding you back)
  • Outline of Eating Relationship Make-Over (pointing you in right direction to begin lifestyle and life-time changes)
  • Customized Food Plan (crystal-clear goals and guidelines tailored for you and your schedule)
  • 25% discount toward purchase of Soveya’s No Sugar, No Flour, No Fuss © Cookbook


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