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The demand for large-size clothes among children is higher than ever, according to store owners and tailors servicing the Jewish community - another indication of the growing epidemic of childhood weight gain and obesity. Fifty percent of the suits I sell to kids are now husky," says Avrum Elenbogen, owner of the Hat Box on Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn. Says a popular Boro Park tailor who wished to remain anonymous: "I've been in business for 30 years and in the past decade I have seen astounding changes in the size of 13 - 22 year olds. I've never seen this before - young boys coming in with size 40 chests and waists. Almost half of my stock now caters to heavy and over-sized kids and of that, 25% is for the morbidly obese - 48 chest 52 waist. When I measure the hems, I noticed that the shoes are twisted out of shape due to excessive weight. The shoes were not designed to support such heavy kids. Also the suits are being destroyed more rapidly due to all the sweat these kids create when simply walking around."

Menachem of Fraylich Uniforms in Brooklyn says, "We've been in business for two decades and in the past few years we have noticed the need for more and more custom and larger sizes for younger students. Second graders are needing size 20 jumpers and other elementary-age girls are needing 47-inch waists for their skirts. This should not be! "What Soveya does should not be taken lightly. They do an amazing job in bringing awareness to the communinty. It is very important."

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Newsletters       Articles with a Torah perspective on health and nutrition, current news, information and practical advice, easy and healthy recipes, and Q &A. Workshops     
for students, in-service programs for educators and seminars for parents to foster an understanding of the Torah’s extensive approach to health and nutrition. Healthy Habit-A-Thon     Students receive points toward prizes for completing a weekly checklist of healthy behaviors, such as eating a nutritious breakfast, going to sleep on time, and exercising daily.   Click here to print out the checklist chart.

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​Thank you so very much for taking the time to come visit our program to tell us about Soveya's important message.  Both your staff and student presentations on eating healthfully were excellent. The rabbeim and other staff members needed to hear that they are directly responsible for being mechanech their students in the importance of being aware of what they are eating, and the students needed to hear that this is an important mitzvah! Your technique and style in imparting these messages was extremely conducive to listening. We look forward to encouraging our students in better eating habits via the Soveya weekly newsletter that we are receiving and perhaps, via our own reward system. With Hashem's help, we will be able to see progress in that area. Sincerely, Mrs. Y. Grunfeld, M.A. Special Education Coordinator P'TACH- Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin
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SWITCHH is a Torah-based educational program for Jewish Day schools, educating students, parents, and teachers about proper nutrition and the Torah imperative to take care of our bodies through healthy eating habits.