I have sooo many cookbooks--but this one stands alone!!! It is FULL of recipes that are healthy, delicious, and FAST!!! I am soo happy to find this, and my family will be befitting from it for years to come!!! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!!!!


"I have been using this cookbook for over two years, and have found it to be a lifesaver, especially when I want to make something quick but healthy.
As I am allergic to flour, the recipe Oat Rolls gives me a delicious, wheat-free alternative to regular bread. When trying to come up with a menu that will meet the needs of all my guests' allergies, I can always find recipes that will satisfy everyone deliciously. The index in the back lets me find just what I need instantly. This is a handy, concise resource which is always out on my kitchen counter."

Dorothy H., Florida

"I bought this book as a tool for my weight loss plan and am delighted to report that I have found the recipes therein to be not only simple but really satisfying.
This cookbook may be small in size but it's big on do-able ideas for truly wholesome and delicious meals. I'm wild over the butternut and lentil soup and the sweet potato salad!
This is a book for anyone who wants to serve their family tasty and healthful foods but doesn't want to spend all day in the kitchen."


I absolutely adore this cookbook! I am on a no-sugar and no-flour food plan so originally I purchased it to cook for myself. Now I am using it to cook food for the entire family, including my 3 children! My husband loves the recipes and so do my kids who are ages 8, 5 and 2. My son can even cook the chili recipe by himself. The recipes are very nutritious but also taste great! My food used to be pretty boring but with this cookbook I became very creative with how I prepare my food even though it is sugar and flour free. For example there is a pancake like recipe that I use every single morning. I also got great ideas for salads and soups. There is a chicken recipe from this cookbook that I began using every Shabbos instead of duck sauce chicken. In short this is one cookbook that should be on everyone's kitchen shelf. Use it in good health!


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Eichler's, Boro Park
The Gluten Free Shoppe, Boro Park
Supreme Health, Monsey, Lakewood, and Williamsburg
Tuvia's, Monsey
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The Health Pantry, Flatbush
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Jewish Bookstore of Greater Washington

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"Fortunately, my good friend gave me a gift of the Soveya cookbook. I have 3 children who all love pasta, and this cookbook provided some excellent alternatives that are both tasty and healthy - plus easy enough for a working mom to put together in a few minutes!  We particularly loved the Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Soup.   It freezes great and I love knowing that my kids have a full serving of vegetables. I also loved the Eggplant Parmesian recipe - I bring it to work.  It definitely tops ordering out for a sandwich.  So now we are saving money while eating better!  A win-win all around!"  
Nicole C., Florida

"I gave out copies of your cookbook to several of my friends. I am getting rave reviews about it - all my friends love it! I love it also, the recipes are great. I made a lot of them for my guests for Succos. I need some more copies as soon as possible!"
 Sarah F., Baltimore

"I use the Soveya cookbook A LOT! I make most of my meals for the whole family from this cookbook.  And it doesn't use fake sugar/artificial sweeteners in any recipes like many diet cookbooks do.  I highly recommend it."    
​Laurie C., Maryland

"I use this cookbook all the time and  every recipe is delicious and so easy!" 
​Phyllis Goldsmith, Maryland

Order today - great gift idea! 

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