Extended Coaching

Discount Opportunities

Are you able to continue working with Eli after your initial coaching package is over? Absolutely.

While some clients see the initial coaching package as sufficient for their needs, many others value the opportunity to continue working toward their weight-loss goals and lifestyle changes by extending their coaching with Eli. If so, you are eligible for discounted rates for additional coaching packages.

Stand-Alone Coaching Packages

If you feel you don’t require the initial, in-depth nutrition consultation, and want to jump right into weight-loss coaching with Eli, you can choose one of the following packages:

Discount Opportunities

Partner Up

Team up with a spouse, sibling, or friend. Attend all your sessions together and receive a 25% discount for the 2nd and 3rd person.

Group On

Put together a group of four or more people to attend all the same sessions, and receive a 30% discount for each person. For eligible clients at their choosing, Eli will provide the initial nutrition consultation in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your home or office (NY/NJ area clients only).

We want to bring the Soveya Solution to anyone committed to making real, lasting change in their relationship with food.